Nepal: Tharu protest


Getting News From Nepal via Twitter

Hungry for the news

I am hungry for news. I subscribe to a few of the news site like or BBC news but these are the international news organization. I wanted to have news from nepal. I used to visit and regularly and get the news from nepal. I also listen to bbcnepali so i generally don’t go to the site and read the news. If I miss any show then I go there and listen to the site. Major News sites have RSS so i can get the news how and where i want. But and did not had any RSS feed. 

Found Twitter

I was surfing the sites and i used the site Yahoo Alerts to get the news directly in my im. But it was annoying. I tried to get the news in email too. I also used But it was not helpful. Then Cha-ching  I found twitter and never looked back.

I was searching for the news on twitter and I found @cnn @bbcworld @nprpolitics @breakingnewson among many. I searched for bbc in nepali but i didnt found any. I was a little frustated. Then I found twitterfeed. It was great. Then I started creating RSS for the site and broadcasting it.


I am heartfrully thankful to @bibek and @jwalanta for their help in inspiring me to get this twitter broadcasting thing going on. And to all the other people who has helped me including my brother.

Whats next

I dont know. I need your suggestions. I need your feed back. I WILL reply all the @ replies that i get and all the direct message that I get

Spread the word and get the news

Tell your friend to follow @newsfromnepal and give me feedback