New News Sources added to the Twitter Stream

Adding news articles from Nepali Times

It was another day here @mitesh_sharma and @stealth01 suggested me to add news articles from NepaliTimes. They dont have an RSS news feed for their site. @yowlanku told me that RSS means “Rastriya Samachar Samiti”. This is the one thing that I dont like about nepali news site.

The news sources want to control all the news and don’t want to share. We all know that Neta will do anything to get to power and we should know what they are doing. This is the duty of the news sources to tell what their leaders are doing.

After that I created the RSS using Yahoo Pipes and I am tweeting the news through my twitter account. Follow @ NewsFromNepal on twitter to get the latest news from too

Tweeting Falano Cartoons form Rajesh KC

Rajesh Dai is the creator of one of the most popular Falano Cartoons He has a very good site . His cartoons are published in print in various newspapers. His site has RSS but RSS has no proper titles and description. So I have to add a little bit of Title and descrition. The last one till this date is on March 20 2009. I have already twitted this here.

I will post some blogs more here so stay tuned.

Dont forget to tell your friends to follow @NewsFromNepal on twitter.


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